Round-Up Products For Any Organisation

Sipora is Australia's leading round-up as a service platform. Sipora enables organisations and NFP's to launch a round-up product.

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Round-Up Platform

Launch round-up and recurring payments products for your customers.

Banking Level Security

Built on banking level security, Sipora focuses on security, risk management and compliance.

Round-Up Experts

Years of experience building and launching round-up products for partners.

Custom Development

Deliver a round-up product with a customised user experience.

White-Labelled Round-Up

Sipora's white-label platform delivers a round-up product for a fraction of the cost when compared to starting from scratch.

Thought About Including Round-Up in Your Products?

Now you can, for a fraction of the cost of developing on your own.

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Managed and hosted by Sipora

  • Partner Don't Build | The Sipora platform already has everything organisations need for their own round-up application.
  • Benefit from Scale | Multiple platform partners dramatically reduces upfront and ongoing costs required to develop your own round-up application.
  • Platform Management | The platform is maintained by Sipora. Reducing the need for organisations to continually maintain applications.
  • Build with Sipora and Beyond | Multiple options are available with access to our API. Get in touch to talk about what you need.
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Get Started

Sipora will provide you and your team a free scoping session. Scoping sessions help Sipora understand your needs. The no-obligation scoping session will cover:

  • Sipora platform and products
  • Partner testimonials
  • Banking level security overview
  • Build and development requirements

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